Welcome to the EMDR Center of Canada

EMDRIA Approved Training in EMDR Therapy

The EMDR Center of Canada provides a comprehensive and rigorous academic training curriculum for Basic Training in EMDR Therapy.

The first of its kind in Canada, we utilize a unique and cutting-edge training model developed by world renowned researcher, educator, and clinician Andrew Leeds Ph.D., one of the first trainers to learn EMDR from the founder of EMDR Therapy, Francine Shapiro, Ph.D.

Our comprehensive, all-inclusive Basic Training in EMDR provides 64+ hours of clinically focused training. Training sessions are offered in
four modules spread over 12 weeks


This comprehensive training will enable you to:

  • learn basic and advanced EMDR concepts and procedures
  • integrate EMDR Therapy into your clinical practice
  • understand the effects of trauma and how to stabilize dissociative clients
  • formulate strong and clear case conceptualizations of your clients
  • experience a paced learning environment & training curriculum
  • receive in-depth 1:1 feedback and support
  • learn in small class sizes


What we offer:

Evidence-based, post-graduate education and training in the diagnosis and treatment of survivors of trauma and neglect through proven workshops and home study programs.

Our complete EMDRIA Approved Training package includes:

  • lectures and discussion
  • experiential learning
  • all EMDRIA required consultation hours


Discounted rates for students, interns, non-profit agency employees, and those refreshing their EMDR training


We also offer:

  • Advanced EMDR training programs 
  • Quick links to other EMDRIA accredited home study and distance learning programs
  • Consultation on the clinical use of EMDR Therapy


One comprehensive course

One all-inclusive fee


Our complete range of offerings:


Basic Training

Comprehensive, clinically focused, Basic Training in EMDR Therapy.

Here are links to our Training Schedule, Visual Overview, Registration Forms, and frequently asked questions and answers about our EMDR training.

Onsite Training

Our comprehensive, all-inclusive EMDR training is delivered in four, two-day Training Sessions and includes all required hours of consultation.

Schedule a Basic EMDR training at your agency.

Advanced Training

Advanced EMDR therapy training programs for those who have completed an EMDRIA Approved Basic Training in EMDR therapy.  Coming soon.    



In-depth, non-judgmental, and supportive consultation are available to deepen your knowledge and increase your confidence. Consultations address key issues such as: Case Formulation and Treatment Planning; Target Sequencing; the AIP Model; the EMDR Standard Procedural Steps; Dissociative screening; and Standard, Modified and Advanced EMDR Procedures.

Consultation provided for:

  1. EMDRIA Certification

  2. Consultant-in-Training

  3. Working with Complex Cases

  4. Dissociative Disorders

  5. Children and Adolescents


The EMDR Center of Canada

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