Limited Seating Available

Early Registration for Summer 2023 ends
@ midnight on April 1, 2023

Registration Instructions: In Person Trainings

(Click here if you want Registration for Virtual Trainings)


Please download and email the following to  < >

  1. The Registration Application Form.

  2. The Payment Information Form.

    On Page 2 of the Payment Information Form, please indicate if you would like to pay for the training via e-Transfer, or if you would like to pay for the training using the credit card payment plan. If you would like to pay via e-Transfer, please do not send payment until your application has been approved.  If you would like to pay via credit card, please include your credit card information.  You may call and leave a confidential voice message with your credit card number if you prefer.  Your credit card will not be charged unless your application has been approved.

  3. A signed and dated copy of the Participant Agreement Form.

  4. A current copy of your Curriculum Vitae.

  5. A copy of your current professional license OR your professional association registration.

    If you are not licensed or registered as an independent practitioner, please include the additional documentation described in the Non-Licensed or Non-Registered Applicant Form.

  6. If you are applying for a discount, include the Non-Profit Agency or Student Discount Form and provide a letter from your supervisor on your agency's letterhead verifying non-profit agency or student internship status. (Note: Clinicians in government settings are not eligible for the Non-Profit Agency discount).

  7. If you are a student, please obtain a letter from the registrar of your university documenting that you are enrolled as a full-time student in your graduate program.

  8. If you are requesting the reviewer's discount, please include a copy of your Certificate of Completion from your EMDRIA Approved Basic Training in EMDR.

  9. The Registration and Package Checklist Form.

  10. Please send all the above documents in ONE EMAIL with "REGISTRATION FOR BASIC TRAINING" in the subject line to < >

** If you do not receive an email response within 72 hours,
please resubmit your email or call (604) 477-7447**

Please read the Registration Information Booklet to familiarize yourself with eligibility, training requirements, and our refund policy.

Reading List

Here is the Pre-Reading list. If you are accepted for Basic Training in EMDR, you will need to purchase both text books and read the specified sections prior to the first training session. 


If you are currently enrolled in one of our training programs but are unable to complete it at this time, please print, scan, and email us the Transfer Request and Agreement Form.

Registration for Comprehensive
Basic Training in EMDR Therapy


Incomplete registrations will not be processed and will result in delays.

If you have any questions about the training or registration process, 
please call Jasmine Alexander at (604) 477-7447.



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